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Creative Arts Programs for Groups and Businesses



Our programs lower blood pressure and improve the immune system

Social Networks


Our programs help people connect to themselves and to their communities

Fun & Upbeat


Our programs are enjoyable to attend and take part in



Our programs contain time dedicated to mindfulness, reflection and sharing

Creative Arts Wellness

Many companies are adding to creative arts therapy to their wellness programs, to help their employee manage the stress of life in the 21st century, thus creating “creative wellness programs.” Creative art wellness programs are more robust than traditional wellness programs and offer lead to much higher productivity and greater loyalty. More Info


Creative Connection is a team of creative professionals who provide creative arts programs to groups and businesses. Our programs are delivered onsite at our clients’ facilities and provide stress management, enjoyment, and positive social interaction. Our team is made up of experts from a variety of creative disciplines, including artists, dancers, writers and musicians. Creative Connection is led by our co-founders, Geva Salerno, who is an artist and writer, and Mary Ellen Saba, who is a mental health expert. Each of our team members has 20+ years experience in their creative discipline. They have the highest degree of professionalism and are excellent at working with the public to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. The mission of Creative Connection s to help people connect to themselves and to their community.


Geva Salerno

Geva is an artist and writer. She has a background in nonprofit management and a Masters Degree in International Policy. Geva facilitates several of the creative arts programs, as well as focuses on new business development.

Joe Saba

instructor, Musician
As a professional musician Joe enjoys bringing people together and sharing his passion for sound. His great personality puts people at ease instantly.

Mary Ellen Saba

Mary Ellen is a mental health counselor, specializing in group therapy. She holds a Master’s Degree in Community Mental Health. Mary Ellen helps participants find profound insights, strength and resilience within themselves.

Craig Price

Instructor, Theater & Improv
Craig received his BA in Theatre and Speech from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. He trained at The Second City and IO Theater (formerly ImprovOlympic) in Chicago.  Craig is currently the Theater Director at the Centers For the Arts Bonita Springs..

Michaela Poole

Instructor, Professional Dancer
A classically trained dancer, Michaela has a BFA in Dance from Univ of Cincinatti and currently teaches, performs and competes nationally.


Doug O’Connor

Instructor, Drummer
Doug has been performing and drumming since he was 12 years old. He has a background in theater, mime, and improvisation. Doug currently leads the Bonita Springs Drum Circle.

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We help people connect to themselves and their community.